Monday, 14 November 2011

We are back!

My baby helps me pack... making sure I don't leave him behind!

So after leaving Tanzania on Thursday at lunchtime, I arrived home to South Australia this evening, Monday. It was a huge trip with a one night stopover in Dubai then two nights at my sisters house in Perth to recover a little, but we finally made it! I have to say though that I really wouldn't recommend travelling that far alone with a one year old in tow, it was quite exhausting really. I have to say though, the 3am flights, terrible connections, long hours stuck in a plane seat trying to keep a very active toddler happy, and the seemingly endless hours wandering foreign aiports trying to get bub to sleep, not to mention the terrible food, was all worth it. I had such a memorable time, and am already planning my next trip back to Afirca.


  1. Glad your home in one piece. Rest (I know it is hard with a toddler) and it will all be sane again.

  2. Thank you, and I will try to get some rest, as soon I find out what that actually is!