Friday, 20 January 2012

New year, new direction, new facebook page

So with the new year comes a slight change in direction for Kanga Creative. I would love to concentrate more on creating eco-friendly things from my African fabrics, where the 'Kanga' part of my business name comes from, so it makes sense really. I do have a lot of leftover fabric from last year though, so I will be making toys and things out of lovely pinwale cord also until it runs out.

First thing was to change my facebook page from this one (Kanga Creative - Pram Snuggles), to this one - Kanga Creative. I wanted to drop the Pram Snuggles part of the page name, but facebook doesn't allow those kind of changes, so I have had to start over. Not an easy decision to make considering my original page has almost 1200 likers! 

Now that the facebook change is made, all I need to do is find some motivation, inspiration, and some ideas on the best way to market and sell my creations.


  1. I like your new Facebook page much more now. The page name is shorter, which can be easier for your visitors to remember. I know it’s hard to start over, but with your determination and planning, I’m pretty sure you can make it. Why don’t you post on your previous page that you have a new Facebook business page? That way, your 1,200 likers would be kept in the know.

    >Kevin Beamer

  2. Your Facebook page is updated and there are conversations going on in there. It's a good start. You may also want to check this site that listed down the 5 best Facebook campaigns to get more ideas:

    Staci Burruel