Saturday, 27 August 2011

Prams in the news..

The first time my baby sat in his pram seat,
I think he is about 3 months old here

Last week there was a controversial news article published quoting Professor Cathrine Fowler from the University of Technology Sydney as saying "Outward-facing baby carriers and prams give babies a bombardment of stimulus, creating a very stressful situation. In not considering our baby's perspective we are inadvertently quite cruel to children." Even though there were far more important issues in the news that day it raised a lot of discussion about prams.

Personally, my pram can be faced either way. It never actually occured to me to face it away from me. I like to be able to see my baby, and I do not obstruct his view at all so he can still see the world around him, so I talk to him as we walk and tell him the names of the things we see. 

To be totally honest though,  pram rides are a complete novelty for him. This might surprise some of you who know my main selling item is a Pram Snuggle pram blanket, but I am a dedicated "baby wearer" and my baby can more often be found on my back in his Ergo, where he has a fantastic view of the world, people talk to him a lot as he is up where they can see him, and he has the option of resting his head and snuggling into my back for a sleep whenever it all gets too much for him. This was something else the researcher in the article was referring to, I believe she was also talking about babies being worn in forward facing carriers on the front of an adults body, a great article by 'babes in arms' about why this position is not recommended can be found here.   

So what to you think? Do you have a forward facing or backward facing pram? Do you even use one at all?

My bub and I in Thailand recently in his favourite form of
transportation, our Ergo carrier

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  1. when my children were newborns i carried them in a sling which they loved and now i have my two youngest in a phil and teds dash together. my daughter loves her spot in the back because she can 'talk' to me and see me at all times.