Thursday, 28 April 2011


I'm not planning on making my blog all about fabric, but I had a big surprise in the mail today! This beautiful selection of vitenge and kanga arrived from a very good friend of mine. We became friends when we volunteered together for an eco-friendly childrens village called food water shelter in Tanzania. She had recently returned to Tanzania for a short visit, so I asked (begged) her to bring back some fabric for me so it wasn't really a surprise, but I wasn't expecting it today! It was so exciting opening the parcel, and even more exciting when I seen how beautiful and bright the fabrics are. I really love them, now I just have to decide what to do with them.


  1. Oh wow! Those colours are beautiful, so vivid! I bet you wanted to kiss the postie LOL!

  2. Omg those fabrics are gorgeous.Not hard to get the creative cap on with those in front of you.I agree with your African obsession.I travelled through Ethiopia in the 80's - yes a few years ago now and just loved everything about it. The most humblest of people.
    Join my blog and hope to interview you soon.

  3. Thanks Kylie, haha yes the postie was very popular that day!

    Thanks Ros.. I think it's true what people say about Africa, you just fall in love with it. I just feel drawn back there, I really hope to return soon.

  4. The fabrics are great. Your creations will look wonderfull!! Thanks for dropping by to my site. With a small one to look after of course you would not be up with the sparrows to watch the Dawn Service.

  5. It is exciting getting a parcel of fabric...looking forward to seeing what you decide to create!